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A gesture of our devotion to Satgur Nanak Patshah to celebrate His 550th Prakash Diwas.

Vocals: Sukhvir Sodhi and Rowdy Farooqi
Lyrics: Sukhvir Sodhi
Music & Video Director: Rowdy Farooqi


After a long dry period, British Asian music industry is sprouting again. New talent is emerging and new artist with new ideas are coming up all around UK. However, demise of past’s big record labels has left a gap in the music publishing business. The few remaining record labels are (and in a way rightfully so) more interested in sales then the artform or the artist.
It was about time that a record label was formed by musicians themselves so the music becomes priority again. Like its parent company Southall TV, Southall Music Company was formed by experienced music director ROWDY FAROOQI and an established lyricist and TV presenter SUKHVIR SODHI. The aim of the company is to publish real music produced and performed by real talent. It’s truly a record label,” By the artists, for the artists”.